Dear Guest, kindly be informed that we are currently working to upgrade all of our Astir Palace facilities and for that reason The Arion Hotel & Spa & The Nafsika Hotel are undergoing an extensive renovation. We will soon be able to announce our reopening dates. The Matsuhisa Athens, The Astir Beach and its Platinum Lounge facilities and Astir Marina will continue to be fully operational.
22 Aug

Arion Resort & Spa and The Westin Athens have been awarded with the "Green Key" certification for 2016.

The "Green Key" is an international program of quality, which serves as an incentive for any small or large unit, active in the tourism industy, to turn into a "green" unit.

It addresses Hotels, Hostels, Holiday Resorts, Conference Centres, Camping Sites and Restaurants.

Our Hotels' environmental practices and initiatives include:

“Make A Green Choice” program, rewarding guests for choosing to conserve natural resources in their guest room
Energy & Water Conservation
Waste Minimization & Environmentally Responsible Purchasing
Sustainable Meeting Package
The continuous increase of the number of environmental aware consumers creates the crucial need for qualitative, environmentally-friendly products and services.

The implementation of the "Green Key" program, which is increasingly embraced by more and more countries, contributes greatly in the notable promotion of environmental awareness in our country and leads to the reinforcement of the environmental profile of Greece.

The award is offered every year to those tourism business that fulfil the criteria of the program. During this period, the National Operator in Greece (Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature), and/or a representative from the International Coordinating Organization (Foundation for the Environmental Education - FEE) carries out control visits, to ascertain in practice the fulfilment of the criteria. The criteria screen the sectors which deal with energy consumption, water consumption, waste management, use of environmentally friendly toiletries and products for washing and cleaning, the quality of food and drinks, the transformation of free spaces into "green" ones, and moreover, with the Environmental Education.

More information on the "Green Key" program.

More information on the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature here.