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Tennis Membership - Rules and Regulations

Tennis Membership Privileges:

  • Access to the Resort’s Sports Facilities (3 tennis courts, basketball/volleyball, mini soccer, table tennis)
  • Access to the outdoor public pools and to the beaches of the Resort
  • Beach sun bed and umbrella upon availability
  • One towel service per visit
  • Parking
  • Access to Astir Beach from Monday to Friday
  • Special rate for members’ guests to access the Resort during the middle and high season
  • Free access for one guest per day for tennis during the winter season (October-April)
  • 5 daily passes for access in the resort for your guests


Astir Tennis Club (That will hereinafter be called as’’ Club’’) will operate as Club for its registered Members, who have the right to use the facilities under the following terms and condition. The company responsible for the operation of the Club is ‘’ΑΣΤΗΡ ΠΑΛΛΑΣ ΒΟΥΛΙΑΓΜΕΝΗΣ ΑΝΩΝΥΜΟΣ ΞΕΝΟΔΟΧΕΙΑΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ’’ (That will hereinafter be called as’’ Company’’), based in the area of Vouliagmeni (Apollonos 40)


(a) The member assures the Company that are in good physical condition, is in good health, has the ability to exercise physically and that it has received a medical report confirming that physical exercise is not harmful to health, safety and / or physical condition. The verification of the ability of the member to use the facilities of the Spa and the Resort and also exercise without physically damage the health is an obligation of the member, which must consult a doctor regularly for this purpose. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject, in its sole discretion, any application to register to the
Club membership. 

(b) Membership of the Club (and each generally right deriving from it) is strictly personal and non-assignable and nontransferable to any third party. Strictly forbidden to the Member to lend or grant the use of the membership card to any third person. Loss of personal membership card charges the member with the cost to reissue it (8.00 €). The membership does not provide the Member with the privilege to bring any accompanying persons who do not pay daily entrance fees, nor non-subscribed children, with few exceptions, and only upon approval by the management of the Corporation.

(c) Submission of the registration form for the member constitutes unreserved acceptance of the terms hereof by the applicant and accession of the operational regulations of the Club, as these are specified and determined by the Company. When the Company accepts the registration form of the applicant a contract is prepared between the Company and the Member with the terms of this document and with the terms of the operational procedures and regulations of the Club. Under that contract the Member has the right to access and use the facilities of the Club as often as desired at the
times and for the period (referred to as ‘’membership duration’’) listed on the front page of this document, in accordance with the specific terms of this and the operational regulations of the Club.

(a) Subscription/ Registration: The Member must pay to the Company the amount of the membership fee specified and determined by the Company and is proportional to the duration of his subscription. The full payment of the registration fee is required when the Member subscribes to the Club and there for also for each time there is a renewal to his contract of subscription. The obligation of payment of the fee does not depend on the frequency of use or not of the facilities of the Club that a Member does. The Company reserves the right to increase the fee of the subscription/registration at any time after the first renewal of the Member’s subscription to the Club.

(a) The duration of the Members registration to the Club, that may be renewed without restriction is specified in the registration form of the Member at the front page of this document. This duration of membership to the Club (mentioned at the front page of this document) is valid in any case, even if there is any change of circumstances and regardless of the frequency of use or not of the facilities of the Club that a Member does. The membership fee that a Member pays during his registration or during the renewal of this registration, it is in no event or under any circumstances reimbursed/refunded by the Company, nor offset or compromises against any claims of the Member.

(b) If the Member wishes to continue his membership to the Club for a longer period of time, he must renew his registration/subscription within 7 days before the expiry of the current subscription by paying the amount of the subscription, as this amount is specified and determined by the Company for the duration of his subscription renewal. After the expiry of the membership duration, the Member that has not renewed his membership according to all of the above, is not entitled to have any access at any of the facilities of the Company’s estate without paying the relevant daily entrance fee.

(c) The Company reserves the right to reject and remove the Member or deny the renewal of his membership without any reservation or obligation towards the Member (that is removed or disapproved for renewal) for refunding/reimbursing any amount and in the case that the Member commits serious or repeated violation(s) of the terms of this current document or of the Company’s terms and regulations. In any case the Company reserves the right to reject and remove any Member from the Club and the removed Member does not have the right to ever register again as a Member to the Club.

(d) The Company does not accept any kind of “freezing” of the Membership duration.


The Member understands and recognizes that:

(a) Neither the employees nor the company bears any responsibility or liability towards the Member in the case of injury, loss, damage or theft of any assets or objects that belong to the Member or any of the Member’s guests by whatever means or under any circumstances that this may have happened in the Company’s facilities.
(b) The Member uses the facilities of the Resort and of the Tennis Club under his/her own responsibility.
(c) Pregnant women have the responsibility and obligation to be consulted by their own personal doctor in relevance of what activities in the Club they are advised to avoid during their pregnancy.

The operational hours of the Club and the hours of use of the facilities are determined by the Company. These operational hours may be changed at the discretion of the Company. The Company will make every effort to provide reasonable notice to the Members in the case of a change relevant to the operational hours of the Club.

(a) In the case the Member provides untrue information or forged certifications in order to obtain more favorable financial terms for his registration, this will result in the immediate removal of the Member from the subscription, without any reservation or obligation towards the Member (that is removed or disapproved for renewal) for refunding/reimbursing any amount and the Company to its judgment will take all measures and actions necessary.
(b) The Company is not responsible in the event that for any reason beyond the control of the Company, the Club is unable to provide the full range of services promised. During specific periods some of the establishment/facilities may be closed for maintenance or other reasons. For each such case there will be relevant announcements. The Company shall not indemnify the Member for those periods that the facilities may stay closed and cannot be used.
(c) The Company reserves the right to modify, add or remove services and facilities supplied in its sole discretion at any time.
(d) The Operating Regulations are an integral part of the current contract and the Member MUST absolutely comply with the requirements of this Regulation.
(e) The Member understands and agrees that the information supplied by him and his personal information that are given to the Company during his registration or even during the period of his membership at the Club, will enter into the register kept for members of the Club and are input as data in the information system of the Company. Amended by the Act 2472/1997 ‘’ the protection of individuals against the processing of personal data’’ the Member has the right of access to his personal data and is entitled to request correction of his personal data. The Company reserves the right to use this data in order to keep the Clubs members informed for news of the Club.

(f) Day passes for free entrance in the Resort that (when included in the Membership) refer to external facilities only and do not include the Tennis Club or the Arion Spa.
(g) In “Zolotas” beach priority to umbrellas and sunbeds is given to the guests staying in the bungalows.
(h) The start date of the membership is the date of purchase. 
(i) Once the customer has accepted the Terms and Regulations and has finalized the payment, they are entitled to no refund in case they wishes to cancel their membership. 
(i) First or second degree of consanguinity and/or first degree of affinity is required for the Couples, Family and Children membership types. In case no such relation exists, the Company reserves the right to cancel the membership with no obligation of refund. Consanguinity/affinity is proven by an Identification Card.
 (k) Rules and fees apply for all our members that may like to visit the company’s premises with their pet. Kindly ask the Arion Spa Reception for the Pet Policy, in case you are a pet owner.

(a) The use of the sports facilities is permitted only upon reservation . Reservations can be made with the Arion Spa Reception (210.8901795 or ext. 795) or the tennis reception (210.8901791 or 791).
(b) Courts can be reserved from 7:00 until 23:00
(c) Inside the courts only the athletes are permitted to enter
(d) Entrance to the courts is permitted only with the suitable athletic shoes and athletic outfit
(e) No pets are allowed inside the courts
(f) Smoking is prohibited inside the courts and the changing rooms
(g) Athletes and their escorts should behave appropriately inside and outside the courts
(h) Athletes and escorts are fully responsible of their personal belongings
(i) At every use of the courts, athletes should maintain the courts in a clean state

I understand and accept the above mentioned terms and conditions for the issuance of the Tennis Club Membership Card from Astir Palace Beach Resort                                                                                                 

Please note that your purchase is considered valid after receiving a confirmation e-mail from Astir Palace
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